Letter from a poor millionaire to Njoki Chege

First of all Njoki let me appreciate
your effort on shaping up boys of
the age 28-33 to be Men. But then
you need to get this right in your
SKULL covered in a Black skin.
There is no way am going to act
like an 80 year old Man when am
barely 28 Years.
Njoki I suppose you must be
looking for someone to marry in a
wrong age bracket, 28-30?? Who
the f*ck told you I want to get
married? This the perfect age am
supposed to date a least 10 Sexy
ladies at the same time and for
your information YOU ARE
This is the perfect time you will
find me in almost all gigs
happening every single weekend
sipping a cold Tusker meeting new
people and making new friends and
for your information when I talk of
new friends I mean Sexy Ladies
and trust me there is no any other
place you can find this good
looking women than Masaku
Sevens or NaxVegas.
When your mother is asking you if
you will be going home with a
friend this Christmas she is not
stupid. It’s because she already
smells her daughter might be
remaining single for the rest of her
life. Am sure you mother must be
anticipating to see you with a good
looking man of an average age to
give him her blessing but then for
me you look like a girl who is
going to kill her mother very soon
of heart attack showing up with a
62 Year old man simply because he
will be driving a Range Rover of
which am sure your father does
not drive but either way he has
successfully managed to impress
your mother for the longest time
they have stayed together and your
mother is satisfied with what he
has to offer.
The so called Refined Men you are
talking about are the same men I
come across at Okolea Club in
Westland when me and my friends
are trying to get tipsy before we
head to Skylux grinding on 18 Year
old girls from Campus because they
can easily convince them with that
Mercedes Benz parked outside
there and that is what you are
trying to be a cheap monkey who
cannot buy her own Range but
wants to be seen in another
married man’s Range when he
should be taking his wife and Kids
for a ride.
But first let’s take a Break and let
me dedicate to you Sautisol’s
Money LoverEnough of Sautisol
back to the Lecture.
Keeping in mind this are the same
men who are married and have
kids suffering from marasmus
among other various diseases
simply because they can’t provide
for them since they are trying to
impress you critical thinkers and a
slice of men sent from heaven.
Seriously Njoki are you so dump to
see to see this?
For me you are that kind of
Woman who ends up being single
for the rest of your life simply
because you couldn’t get that man
you were looking for. The Man
who was driving a 3 Million Car
you thought was the right one for
you but you ended up filing a
divorce when you came to realize
you were the 10th wife and he has
already given you a school of
Njoki to me You the kind of
Woman who will be lamenting that
all Men are Dogs, forgetting that
Dogs F#ck dogs not Cats.
Am not a millionaire but trust me
if you meet my girlfriends they are
as hot as F#ck and by the way if
they hire you as a MBOCH trust
me you won’t hesitate leaving your
writing work at Nation because
they can pay you more than
Nation Could. Am talking of they
because I not only date one but
more than one.
May be when you talk of “I need
him to be no shorter than six foot
two inches, no younger than 34
years, can manage his alcohol and
those who are financially blessed
are encouraged to apply.” This is
what you Mean.

That’s right, tell that biach.