Let's try this again. Niko na Mbicha..

Weka hekaya


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Luanda Magere ama ni Mang’ere

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Eish Boss! Hizi nini sasa?

The legend of Lwanda Magere. Killed by the Kipsigis, or so I think.

hekaya or they don’t exist

[SIZE=4]sasa bhangi ni huru hapa[/SIZE]


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lwanda Magere hakuwahi fukuzwa na jolango bwana. jolango would shit on their loinskins on mere mention of his name

Legend has it that the guy who killed Lwanda Magere did so by spearing his shadow where his juju power was.

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I would love to get a feel of the actual theatre of war during those days. was it guerrila or mano a mano

It has always been mano a… woman-o.

Must have been man-to-man. Recal the assegai developed and used by I think the Zulu ama ni Ngoni?

uyo ni Mukwavinyika “Mkwava wa Uhehe”