Let's Talk Drugs *Part One.

I’ve had a fair share of drugs but there’s one particular drug that has got blogs up about it and even worse people going mental just because they abused it.WEED.

My first encounter with weed I’d say, nothing happened. I basically smoked that blunt and passed it with zero effect , afterwards i was stuck wondering what was all the fuzz and hype about. That was back in college.

Flash forward I’m working and a colleague of mine decides fuck it this guy,me, looks like he needs some blunt .I mean there’s this person i portray myself to be and people just pick on that and before i know it I’m this grown ass victim of peer pressure. That aside.I picked the blunt and rushed home for a good time.Don’t worry guys i wont leave you in suspense like last time.I was a pssy and had my fair share of blue pills.wasn’t high enough*

Ok,back to the story so this was my second experience.light’s up the blunt halfway through and I’m happy af!! I didn’t understand it at fast but later on during that period i realized this is f*Kn too much, because my TV was on mute and i was still all over the place laughing my ass off. Kuchizi huanza hivyo.I also discovered why my colleague was always smiling and i laughed about it!

The third time was Hell. This shit can kill you and that’s why i stopped.well maybe.

Rushes home through traffic, picks some comedy mostly sitcom series because i needed the same experience. Man.My life has never been interesting.This one chance i had of experiencing the abnormal,where extreme happiness is involved i had to take it,and that’s how my friends addiction start.

This time i needed the full blunt so i locked the door switched off the lights and lit the blunt…

too much English+ my battery is low lets continue on the next thread … Sorry guys Any experiences before i continue?

Upus thread

Hizo blue pills ni gani?

Back in mid 2016, a good friend of mine invited me to his place in Yemen. I got to sample the khat variety grown there. Looks and tastes pretty much like the Somalia one (long, green and chewing is tedious coz its hard) There’s a way they brewed tea from it which is served in hotels.
The Khat variety in Israel I’d say is the best I’ve ever laid my hands on. Fresh shoots are pure red, not too strong but has a distinct taste. A bit like cider.

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]#LongliveKhat #Thisiskhatculture

Ulienda Yemen in the middle of a vicious war just to sample khat?

Stop smoking pre-rolled blunts. Dealers lace them with petroleum, ethanol, even tiny amounts of cocaine, heroin, ketamine etc to make the product more potent.


:D:D:D alisema he had his “fair share of blue pills” I thought ni Codeine or something :smiley:

:Dengine yake iko on default

UMMEFFI thread

Mimi nilivuta weed nikasahau badala ya kuscractch kichwa yangu nikascracth ya msee

hata sijaelewa chochote hapa pia

mnyonge…bangi ni kama pombe
sio ya kila mtu

if i knew you then, could have invited you my place and show you around.

very geyyy comment

bring yours then

Cocain heroine and ketamine are gold in these streets. A gram of Cocain is like ksh8, 000 nobody would waste even a microgram on lacing bangi.


Upuss ya MKZ, which weed peddler has cocaine or heroin to lace on 10/- or 50/- joints. Endelea kunywa uji mkipiga story na wamama maskani nachana na mabo ya streets

Ukweli that’s a disgusting comment