Let's Make Our Own Kenyan Wikipedia

Let us break the Western dominance and write our own stories. Next is ChatGPT.ke Kenyan Edition.

…just thinking aloud.

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I would like a Luo, kikuyu and giriama dictionary/translator


Because there are some details that only us kenyans know. For example, Shembeteng or Sheng words are invented every day. We could keep track ourselves.

Some local heros will never make it to the conventional Wikipedia coz the thresholds are high. But we can talk about them in detail ourselves.

Kijiji is a good starting point iko na a good repository of local knowledge

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I would be interested in this. Would be a good way to promote out own using our own definitions and names from different kenya dilects and tribes.

And who would extremely localized stuff dominate specifically?

Why not just update Wikipedia’s Kenyan topics? Anyone can do it if you learn the writing format of the site

It is a good idea I read articles about Kenya they are too shallow.Just add some on Wikipedia and quote relevant information.