Let's Debunk The Myth That You Can Be Forced To Pay Child Support If You're Not The Biological Father

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You can’t counter facts. Leta case laws na precedents to support your “lazima ulipe child support” arguments.
Hapa tuna deal na evidence not feelings or ignorant opinions.

  1. Laws can change at any time so exercise caution at all times.
  2. Yes someone can be forced to take care of a child that is not biologically there’s. e.g. in Germany if your wife sires with another man, unless you or your wife or the other man take specific action to transfer paternity to the 3rd wheel, the husband of the pregnant woman is deemed the legal father and with it all the rights and responsibilities of a legal parent. Also, any man who agrees to have his name on the birth cirtificate assumes the rights and responsibilities of a Legal Parent. Yes, you do get rights as a legal parent and I know a few people who have exploited this rule to willfully accept a “bastard”. The reason this law is abused is that the legal parent of a German minor has the right to legal residence in Germany till the child turns 18. I know a case of a girl who was knocked up by a Nigerian Karura Forest Artist and two Kenyan men started fighting for paternity.

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By the way, my stand remains. The court can force you to pay child support even if you are not the biological father under specific circumstances which I won’t bother to explain.

Usikasirike kababa. We are just trying to be academic around this child support animal.
So far haujaonyesha evidence so we will dismiss your assertions with the contempt that they deserve.

I know whoch circumstances you talking about. The one which your loser foster dad was forced to pay your single mom… okay nmeacha

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I’ve been corrected on the post I made above. I was slightly wrong.
In Germany, if your wife is impregnated by another man you are automatically the legal father of that child EVEN IF THE OTHER MAN CLAIMS PATERNITY. The other man may claim paternity, but it is not effective until you divorce your wife. If you do not divorce your wife, no other man can be the legal father of the child. I knew it was an absurd law, just didn’t know how absurd.
I guess dry fry artists like @uwesmake and @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii would specialize in married women then. No need to run to Karura Forest.

Endeleeni kufikiria you are safe just because you are not the biological dads. If you make dumb decisions like getting involved with a single mother, you will pay child support if you are not careful.

@smokin_gun you are welcome to read this too. @Sambamba these are some circumstances