Let's Debunk The Myth That You Can Be Forced To Pay Child Support If You're Not The Biological Father

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Baba kubali tuu wewe ni ndogo kwa system ya facts na utulize.

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And btw when it comes to matters such as these ones, the wise men like yours truly the MGTOW supremo will choose to err in the side of caution.

Thread closed.

I’m not talking about step-parents who marry single mothers and legally adopt their kids knowing that they’re not their biological parents. That is a different circumstance entirely.

Even so, the documents that you’ve attached alludes to section 94 (1) of the Children Act which was declared unconstitutional in 2019; especially the part where it says "whether the respondent assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the child knowing the child was not his child, or knowing that he was not legally married to the mother of the child"

Read the conclusion of this ruled case: http://kenyalaw.org/caselaw/cases/view/185156

In summary, a Kenyan man cohabited with a single mother for 10 years. He used to send her money via M-PESA, pay school fees for her kid and even listed the single mother and her child in NHIF as “dependants”.

After they broke up, the single mother sued the guy to claim parental responsibility over the child even though he is not the biological father.

The reasoning was that the man assumed parental responsibility during the 10 years that they were cohabiting.

The case went to high court and it was ruled that the man was NOT mandated to take care of the single mother’s child.

The law doesn’t care. Kila mtu abebe mzigo yake.

Kindly quote the applicable laws in the Kenyan context. Siunajua hio ya Germany cunt be applied apa kwetu. Nliwai pelekwa adi FIDA na ghaidi fulani and I was never compeled kulea mtoto sio wangu.

Nlipona korona bana, thats why. Ambia huyo mujamaa wa Nissan Note asilete maongo apa

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Thenkiu Smoking gun kwa kufukuza ujinga na uwongo with facts. I could not tell who was denying this yesterday but not surprised it is mturandom. This guy has made a young girl a single mum and I think he was convincing himself that someone will help look after his child. Oh no mturandom pambana na hali yako pale children’s court. Utalea upende usipende. He posts mountains about single mums yet has created 1 by his own admission. Sad state. I hope he is doing due diligence badala ya kuja online kujidanganya.

case closed, everyone should take care of their seeds

Just throw in the towel, you are making it worse. Whatever you have attached talks of a different legal principle. STEP FATHER

A step father is not a biological father. Read the title of this thread.

Mbona unataka kukana hii ķìpii yako inaitwa @Jimit

A;; those cases you have quoted were decided by men. The judiciary has since been packed full of activist feminazis, some male but many are women. Omba tu kesi yako isianguke mbele ya one of those activist females installed by Maraga who was trying to prove some weird point.

Was just saying it’s a possibility.
Laws change you know.