Let's be realistic.

Sasa ma men,there’s this chile been seeing for kedo 2 months hivi,we okey but demands za upuzi zimeanza,ati my guy lazima anihelp with bills,i told that m-woman haiezi…she makng it sound paramount,ako job stable mze so i thought maybe while dating you should only complement,juu hii mandatory cntribution na mnaishi in two diff houses siezi maze,she can’t comprehend apparently,am thinking of dropping her,anadai mi ni stingy…wasee what’s your take on this?

Have you got your slices?

Yeah,severally…mahn it’s damn tiresome chasing & dumping every other day,mtu hutupa focus & in real sense mtu hutumia doo na time most…i prefer wawili ama mmoja ata kama najua hakuna penye mnaenda

Sijui unakuja hapa ya nini when clearly wewe ni beta and will remain so no matter what advice is offered to you.By nature no woman makes such demands without first being confident you are in fact a sissy beta male that can be guilt trapped to spend money on her.

After hii umeffi umetuwekea hapa you will just go ahead and supply her with what she needs so hakuna haja utupotezee sisi kijiji Alpha males time.

You are so shallow

My man nyonga bishop pole pole.real recognizes real.wewe u living a lie,social media imekubeba mbaya.

Don’t budge, she is taking you for a sponsor, any girl that demands money from a man is obviously not serious with you and even if she is, she is not a good type for long term stuff.

I thought of the same but just contemplated that nomatter the type of rlshp u will spend,from this street whores,to one night stands but i hear you man.

kama umeshatomba dem na aaanze story ya pesa una ignore simu yake mpaka ajiletee akiskia njaa ama akwende umbwa yeye

Man. For a lady to ask you for money hadi ya rent especially in this age of countless loan apps, that means respect for you is very low. Most likely this guy is referred to as "kale kajinga"when this woman is talking with her pals. The way he’s talking it’s so obvious jamaa hana options.

You are very deep…ghassia

@MikeOck mimi nikisema mtu ni Beta i do it with surgical precession … Sasa cheki mentality ya beta insecure male ati he will spend anyways on a whore so afadhali akamuliwe and be made a door mat by someone he’s trying to be in a relationship with :D:D

From his tone the guy has already agreed to the demands ni ujinga tu analeta hapa.

You,my man was making sense till u were not…ain’t given anybody a dime yet…ni venye yy anadai i dnt spend nothing on her but nilihepa msee

Punguza moto mzito…kila mtu hutumia pesa kwa wanawake regardless,kuanzia drinks za club ama ununie punani,spending has no other way arnd it.ukweli ni ati kuna msee analipa bedsitter maybe ya 7k na anapata supply ya pussy a whole month without much hustles na kuna msee anaspend 5k kwa drinks na lodgings on diff women every weekend…but aint never spending on her ni mawaidha tu.

Ako na pesa,anakuomba pesa afanyie nini?..akufukuzae hakwambii toka…tembeza mguu mjomba,si pussy ni mob bana…ala!

weka mbisha.ion wewe ndiyo ulidinywa hukudinyana.

I have a secret for you… make more money. That way you never worry… Mimi ukiambia nilipe bedsitter sistuki… na bado I dont wanna marry you… I have a monthly bugdet najua wanawake wanakula… these people have to eat… mwanamke hakuli yangu ni yule anaiomba na madharau kama hio yako. If I have been slicing you na uniambie… beb nafungiwa nyumba… and its withing my monthly budget ni sawa. Stingy people ni watu wanakula 25K mshahara analipa fees ya watoto,nyumba, chakula, nywele ya bibi na fare ya kwenda job. Hapo lazima ukuwe stingy… But if you have enough surplus… lipa rent! I will pay your bedsitter, come slice you the whole weekend huko na nisirudi tena… ushinde ukilia… and the way he was generous.

AMG army member naona uko chonjo kabisa,hapa iko AMG member anakamua the ghel na anatafuta kitu ya kufukuza hii beta male Hadi Siberia. Attraction has gone na beta male akubali matokeo,women don’t do things " by mistake",calculated move to kick the beta male Hadi siberiashire

the paradox of in your thinking is this…huyo msee analipa drinks za 5k and lodging most likely ako na access to regular free pussy somewhere else. But what is better in this world than fresh pussy (yenye hujalima before)?