Leteni maoni elders


People inherit land from their parents, take loans against them, etc.

In Kenya majority of the people who rose from grass to Grace can’t explain

Wachache sana

franky gym it, kibe andrew, ule msee munono wa 44years alikuwa akipiga mboch wao picha etc
wako wengi

Hard work pays:D

Kibe said his folks were unable to service the mortgage and lost their home in Langata. I have doubts whether he inherited anything. His financial woes are well known in public.
Corazon Kwamboka, Franky’s ex-wife, claimed that he is a broke boy masquerading as being moneyed on Instagram.

The term “broke nikha” coming from a sray queen is relative.

You scrape togeza 200k a month, but your chick wants expensive take out every day. Wanna eat out twice/ thrice a week, wanna hang out at salons and nail spas every week getting a do and ‘be seen’ at every trending event…and still a expects you to cover all the bills at some posh residence…

What more can i say ??