Let us be clear

Kuna kitu hatupatani hapa na nataka tuelewane loud and clear…

  1. Stop your double standards first!!!.. hauwezi choose a battle for me ati uni tusi lakini usitukane mamayangu babayangu auntie yangu leader wangu etc etc…if you throw ill throw…if its mud smearing then its mud smearing… hauta rusha matope na ungoje niku pake powder or something good!!!

  2. This village thrives in abusing and ridiculing raila, from abusing him to belittling him to all manner of bad things…if its ok kutusi baba then it is ok kutusi mamako pia!!!

  3. This village is a mini heaven for castigating women especially single mothers …ita wezekanaje ikue sawa kutukana mama ya mtu lakini mamako ikue mbaya!!!

  4. Your mother is not immune to abuses, she’s not a god…

Hizi nimekubaliana kabisa.

Huyu jamaa hakuna kitu ya maana husema. Just stupidity and ignorance. Upuzi yake ni most. Meffi.

  1. RWNBP!!!

Wild west reincarnation, au sio?

Ur just a cheap son of a bish.


Kwani TMT ni baba yako ucatch feerings ka @Georgina?

Kwani raia mkuu ni mamako? mende ya choo

Haya matusi ikwuom nko tayari

raira wastes no effort to push himself into our faces and disrupt our lives so i can’t help throwing barbs at him.
but the gracious lady who gave birth to baby boy and called him colldpilsner is sacred; to be held in honour and esteem however much i may disagree with the boy. she did her part, the monster you became is your choice…

At your age you believe Raila is your Father??

Wti ni mtu mzima anaweka a whole thread to discuss abuses. Gow stupid can anyone get really. This is an anonymous forum. You do not know a talker let alone knowing their mother. So permission granted. Throw as much abuse as you can even to grandmothers. But one thing is sure, after all this, RWNEBPORK

We should sneak this stupid coldpilsner guy when Raila us taking a dump. Am sure he’ll lick his ass cleaner than a tissue paper…

Hujasema chochote ndugu.
As sure as death,taxes and the sun’s rising from the east so is the irrevocable fact that RWNBPORK

accustoming myself on how this village revolves

Someone must be really hurt by Rwnbp litigants

YES…the battle lines have been drawn

  1. Your mother is not immune to abuses, she’s not a god.

Jana i told you to look at your mother first, go find her picture on your phone and then ask your self hard questions…

Yes raila is my father…go hug a cactus

Sadness of life