LET US ALL BE HAPPY; 26th WAS A Win-Win: A Rarity In Competitive Politics

NASARITES can enjoy the next five years casting aspersions on UHURU’S win because they did not vote and UHURU did not replicate his 8.2 M win.

JAP we are satisfied to see UHURU’S win re-affirmed. We are even more satisfied to see that RWNEEEEEEEBP. I DO NOT SEE WHY ANYONE SHOULD BE BITTER. WIN-WIN!!!


Unatakanga nini? Si YOU are vindicated for all the stone hurling and Chieth-painting? BABA alisema usipige KURA na HUKUPIGA SHANGILIA USHINDI!!!

Boss lets not worry about the endless rants, complains and excuses from opposition. That is a daily activity for them. Its their right to complain until they go mad. Nobody is asking for their validation or like. We in Jubilee are fine with our participation in the rerun and the confirmed reelection of UhuRuto. Now the only conversation we are waiting for is to critic and view the actualization of our manifesto. Remember in 2007-2013 former President Kibaki was the subject of daily hate from them. Between 2013-2017 they were in full praise for him since they couldn’t stand the thought that their new figure of hate (UhuRuto) were running a successful government providing services and development transformation of the country. Once DP Uncle Ruto becomes President he will be next in line on the hate wagon while President Uhuru will be subject to delayed praise from his current critics. In that timeline I will have gone through 3 decades of happiness while critics endure 3 decades of daily self hate.

That a very true perspective! I just wish politicians would echo that message!

You have just written what I had been thinking, Kibaki was totally hated and was called all sorts of names, he is now celebrated in his retirement. Even Uhuru will still be a darling in his retirement. Kenyans have a very peculiar habits.



Mudavaadi still talking about servers to be opened blah blah blah

He says they have been finally opened. They look so beaten!

MaDvD kwisha

ELOG Observers report of mass voter intimidation by protestors. Happening CITIZEN LIVE!

It’s called de’javu… RWNBP!!

Raila in Kibra accusing Jubilee of vandalizing a school!

huyu mzee bure kabisa

Ruto hawezi kuwa president, ewe jubilee propagandist, unashambuliaga Tz whilst you home is in shambles. Am laughing at you