lesson to young men (copied)

This is from an old thread by @thesavage:

Let me just leave this here…
I am talking to the younger boys in here, kina Mr. 1st Year, 2nd Year, ###rd Year, whatever. Na pia wale mnaanza maisha after colle.

There are mistakes men make. Like fucking around and getting girls pregnant and those girls go off and bring up their sons and daughters with some other men, or alone. Avoid that if you can. (Ms Truwoman Kampundit atakusho hiyo story kwa kina zaidi).

But that is not the mistake I am talking about today.

Nataka kukwambia a mistake I would consider more grave than hiyo. This problem is going to be there for you guys in the future. We of the previous generation nafikiri tulikwepa.

Mistake gani?

Kuoa kunguru.

Mimi nimesikia kunguru kutusiwa hapa, kufokewa etc etc.

Leo nataka niwaambie ni kwa nini.
In this age of social media and party life, kuna vile…

Usually, between the age of 28-30, many women wake up and reassess the last decade of their life.
They try to find the reason they have not been able to obtain a long term monogamous commitment from the high fliers she has been fucking on the party train.

During this stage many women make radical shifts in their priorities. They adjust the list of prerequisite traits that qualify as attractive in a man. In party years she is interested in physicality, sexual prowess and dominance.
But she has now realized that guys like Mr. Physicality, Mr. Sex, Mr. Dominance, will forget them as soon as the d*ck comes out of her possy.

Now her list of prerequisite qualities becomes; dependability, ability to provide, humor (hehehehe…), ati intellect, ati compatibility (heheheeeee…) [puliiiiiiz]

This where you come in, Mr. Young Man.

A common manifestation of the shift for these social media birds is convenient return to religious convictions she has disregarded kwa hizo party times.

Hata anaweza kupata kitu wanaita secondary virginity . Hiyo ni the refusal to have sex under auspices/conditions of her party times…in the hopes that some dunderhead will show up who appreciates her for her (newly acquired) prudence…same woman who was fucking like a rabbit the last 10 years, now is a prude. Heheheheee…

Woman kunguru who disappered from your radar akiwa na ukunguru mingi kutembeza kwa mtandao…suddenly shows up in your radar with pegion (jiwa) tendencies. Heheheheee…

If you marry that woman, she will never respect you. In her subconscious, you are the clueless dolt who settled for matapishi, who settled for mabaki, sloppy seconds, kitu imetumika vibaya. Wewe ni mjinga according to her, and according to everyone else out there. Pia, she will always compare your performance to that of the highfliers she was never able to clinch. You will be found wanting. She will not have chosen you, she will only have settled for you. Utakuwa something she doesnt really want, something she just tolerates. Pole.

So, Chunga. Watch out, young man.
Take off, young man. Kimbia.
Ni hayo tu.

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Very nice.


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I think the poorer a man is the higher the chances of marrying a kunguru (getting a low quality used woman)

When the beauty of kungurus fade and can no longer attract rich men they are now put at their place & now have to do real hustling to look for money. But they don’t have skills because they spent their late teens and early twenties partying & whoring. So you find them doing jobs like waitresses, or running a salon, selling women’s clothes, makeup etc

Don’t make a mistake though, some may have degrees and have gotten jobs because they are the boss sidechick (power of pu$$y) & can be living good lives, have money just waiting for clueless Mr. Right as they continue fvcking the boss secretly. Of course the beta male will think he’s lucky to have found an independent woman with a job

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@Tauren you’re a stupid human being , na uwache kusumbua kijiji

True. Rich men always get the best of everything. That’s why its extremely important for a man to be financially stable, so he can date on his terms. A rich man will smash 18-24 year olds all day, but a poor man can’t actualize that fantasy. There is a direct correlation between personal wealth and dating options for men.

They once did a study that showed men of all ages are most attracted to 18-24 year old women. There are only two types of men who get those girls: handsome 18 - 26 year old guys, and wealthy men of all ages. Every other man outside that demographic cannot actualize his fantasy.

i second this…
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PIN IT-it is wisdom to understand and actualize this!!

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But what is there to be pinned in this thread ? This is conventional insight we receive everyday from elders ,
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Mimi nilisema kutoka high school kama dem si vajo siezi guza (siezi Kula leftovers ya wanaume wengine) …thank God I stuck to my guns …HAKUNA kitu muhimu kama dignity… happily married

@Tauren wise words thank you for enlightening this young man I shall share it among my peers


How sure are you that you married a virgin?

Nonsense from a pigeon eyed fool

Thika road baby :smiley:
Kunguru hawakuji na label.

Thats why you remain a virgin to date? Bwahaha

Label na sigil ziko, never trust your eyes