Lesson of the day..

Did yall know the domestic pig is unnatural,
it is a product of science ? The modern pig or swine are
known to have been developed by the great scientist named “Imhotep”
also known as “Aesculapius” the father of science and medicine.

He crossbred the animal for King Zoser in KMT (Kemet)
AKA Egypt to eat the garbage and the dead bodies after wars.
The Garlic was produced also by the Egyptian for embleming the mummies.

It is known that the pig is crossed with an African dog, cat and a wild African rat and does its job well. It eats everything and anything including feces. It has no sweat glands or conventional circulatory system so it is always in a state of disease. Worms like the #trichinous or #Trichinella make there home in the pig. Needless to say, nobody should eat pork, for your own safety :heavy_check_mark:

Note* Some of the parasites and their eggs found in swine
are not killed by cooking. Some parasites can withstand
temperatures up to 1500 degrees and still live.

Throughout ancient Egypt the pig was known as a transmitter of Leprosy.
Moses declared the animal unclean. (Lev 11:7-8) it was not even to be touched,
not just eaten.

By far the greatest variety of parasites afflicting the present population of the Western world comes from animal foods. Almost every variety of commercial
meat available is loaded with parasites of one form or another.
Also parasites are present in tainted water sources.

Just some wisdom for the big homies
Stay woke

crossing dogs, cats and rats… but I guess it is possible in the papyrus cartoon



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Still not quitting pork chops.

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na bacon

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Don’t say u weren’t warned.

Where do you eat your pork, kuna place Westi on Rhapta road oppsite New Rehema house, they make the best pork.

Mi huenda either garden city ama baze ingine imejificha huko langata