Lesbian shoots her exe

Look like things aren’t any greener on the other side of the fence.


Lesbians are the most protective, envious and bitter people when it comes to relationships

I know people hate their exes but this is too much.

lesbians … I was once humiliated by just checking out the lady of a lesbian woman. Thank God I was with my lady friend who intervened. Mid 90s huko SA.

They are very violent. Their domestic violence cases are very high. Very unfortunate as you would not expect such of a woman.

wacha wamalizane hatutaki hizi tabia za ki upussy

These unnatural passions can only yield grief

Couldn’t find a way to blame this on black men?

I’m sure their dad’s were dead beats.

What’s your opinion on your dad? Is he a black man? Do you have the same opinion of him as you do of black men? Is he the genesis of your dim view of black men?