Leo Nimeona Mahali Funda Alienda

kwa hiyo article ya murder investigations ya the Nakumatt internal auditor, kwa comments niliona funda.


For those who miss him endeni huko mumpatie invite, team baba/odm need him badly after being torn to threads in the kibera thread

If you are a lone gunman it simply means you acted alone. Thats his point. If others are involved in any way then you cant be a lone gunman

i get his point, that not the issue here, his style of arguing with questions is characteristic funda

Another thick head ,parties to crime,the perpetrator,abbetors,those who procure instruments to enable another person to commit å crime and many more.


kisungu ulikuja na meli

@Atwoli SAITAN

Ushoga pia ilikuja na meli.

ni yeye kweli

I guess if I wind up robbing a bank with 2 of ma other nigger’s … but exit the bank with the money bag, umma be the sole nigger who robbed the bank. Shit makes sense to me …!

Funda was too smooth that can’t be him. Plus he rarely wrote more than two sentences.

F. Mungai was awesome!!!

That’s not fmungai. Zake zilikuwa ma oneliner

@Dunya, read what pamba has said. Carefully.

There are people who do not commit the offence but procure,advise the perpetrator and so forth. They are called accessories to an offence. The law looks at them all as “one” with the person who actually committed the offence.

That is true but in english if you are considered as a lone gunman then you acted alone i.e you had your own personal motivation, you planned alone and similarly executed your plan alone. If other are involved in planning, acquiring, transporting or in any other way knowingly then you are no longer a lone gunman but the gunman in the plot. The word lone is no longer usable in that case.

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