Leo Mombasani

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC syphon transformer oil after a truck hit it at Shell Changamwe

kwani hii oil huwa na nini, it appears very few of us know the secret

County askari…very powerless. Swallow Saliva estate ya mine juzi kuna msee alikwama kwa kuma ya bibi ya wenyewe. Nikaribishe pahali tujuane. Wewe ulikuja na bike mombasa2001. Mimi na Mash 2012. Nikaribishe Mr Swallow

Huyo kanjo anawakulia rada akingoja ya macho, hehe

Used to make chipo all year without color change or reduction. Worth it’s weight in gold.

Is it safe for human consumption???

Sauce http://in.mobile.reuters.com/article/idINKBN0K50DH20141227?irpc=932

."…Technically speaking, transformer oil is a mineral oil used to cool and insulate the fins of an electric transformer. For starters, mineral oil and vegetable oil are different in that in that the former is made from petroleum fuel. The transformer oil is characterized by its high temperature stability and resistance to vitiation due to overuse. Vitiation and deterioration of the vegetable oil by constant re-use and poor storage results in poor quality oil. The frying oil that has a dark colour, shifted flavour and unwanted odour is not unusual. The chips vendors have unisonly opted to adulterate the normal vegetable oil with the transformer oil to suppress the shifted flavour and ensure re-use and re-use (more than 6 months). It might sound like an Einstein ingenuity but the sacrificial lamb is we the consumer since it leaves harmful substances to our ailing health. The outcome, as you might have guessed, is ingestion of harmful fatty acids and free radicals that are linked with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. According to Mwindangasi (name changed deliberately), a chips vendor in town, “the more the proportion of the transformer oil, the better. The oil helps reduces darkening of bhajias.” He goes on to justify himself that, “If people sometimes back used formalin to embalm ‘ka-ngumus’, we even better!”…


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sisi kwisaaaaa

Do people stop to think they might be eating chips fried in ancestors remains? Imagine the chips fried in homo habilis oil! Hehe.

crazy stuff

Reason I love my homemade chips…

Two of us. I never ever eat chips anywhere else

Its called transformer oil…so it transforms lives…It cooks “forever” without replenishing.

Mombasani kuna vituko kweli @bjurmann , but its still a nice town to live in. Hit my inbox tukutane town au mwambie @Njamba Huthu akuelekeze Mundeke unipate hapo.

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Why cant the authorities apprehend those guys? the photo is enough evidence.

Thats not how things work in Mombasa. Mkono wa serikari ni mlefu na walikua inadiarea watching and waiting for their share.

wild thought its a bomb in itself

Asante. Will do that

Gay alert!