Leo Magazetini: Waititu eyeing Kiambu Gubernatorial seat come 2017


Kiambu hawana bahati toa kabogo weka waititu.:(:(:frowning:

I would rather Waititu. KaBuffalo is toooo arrogant, and doesn’t care about hoi polloi. Remember the funeral tax? chicken tax? choo tax?

Gov Kabogo is performing at 2% while Gov Mutua is performing at 88%
Kiambu is next door to Nairobi and still Gov Kabogo cannot take advantage of that. Akwende!
Baba Yao is in office in 2017

Waititu has my vote.

I wish Moses Kuria also vie.

Kabogo should see the signs and toe the line.I guess he still got a chance to redeem his ass. The mca’s are already warming up for Waititu before he even wins the current hurdle.

Of all these laws old manki umetishwa sana na hii?? Smh

:smiley: Wewe umetishwa na gani?

You need to give us the full story of your life.

The court declares WaiT2 unfit to hold public office…IEBC clears him to run …same country.

Chicken tax@dr luther

niaje @ lucifer 13

Huyo ndio nani @ Baboon?