Leo Magazetini: Lendsey Achudi another Heshan De Silva?

International relations graduate turns to be the cyber security expert, am not hating but this will turn out to be another story of the billionaire boy. Ati google mara FB, can she even write any hello world code in any language?.
P.S Cover story for magazine pull out on Daily Nation.


That Heshan nigga kumbe he has been taking guyz for a ride

:smiley: :smiley: haha

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yeye sio DF material

Hio weave ni zile ngumu hugwara.

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Blame it on journalists who write stories without background check.

On her linkedin page i don’t see anywhere ameandika she did a comp science/IT or a such related degree. She was a research fellow at Rochester University dep of Political science. She has indicated that she is currently learning cryptography( currently learning n now ashaunda kampuni?) hapa sielewi mimi pia. Halafu work experience ni PR jobs https://www.linkedin.com/pub/lendsey-achudi/45/55b/10

@Deorro already she is a lead consultant with nsis on matters cyber crime.Shame kapsaa


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I remember the guy hopping between media houses for interviews.website was on blogspot, wealth ilikua amepigwa picha kwa some parking lot.kek. Do you remember his name or a link to the story?

tuheshimiane boss…sisi tumezoea kukula vitu brown skin with petite no flab women…wewe enda ukakule hizo momo za @uwesmake homo

Huyo mzungu wa ktn(security analyst) na shuku anaweza kuwa some watchman aliona maisha ya america ni ngumu sana akahamia kenya

No.Blame it on poorly educated journalists who think cyber security ni kuchunga computer na rungu.


gay lord

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