Leo Magazetini: Diplomats foresight in matters security.

Why does mzungu in Africa always one’s to show he knows it all. This stories reported by anonymous envoy ni gumzo mtaani tu, they should proof on which senior gov officials that they shared intelligence with and didn’t work on it. As we say here pics or it didn’t happen.


The President and minister of internal security rushed to rubbish those report on travel advisory do you think they can act on any info.if given any by foreign intelligence.

When someone thinks he is wise leave them time proves lots of things.

My doubts are with these whities and not the government. Issue travel warnings that 99% are based on hunches, the gov officials become numb due to the cry wolf syndrome.

simple, waweke vindio yao sharing intelligence. anonymity haisaidii chochote:mad: am sure I would be pleased to know if our government is serious on security matters.

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Diplomats don’t care if 2 or 2M Kenyans are killed. They only care about protecting their nationals and interests in Kenya. That is why I never understand how the civil society use the diplomats opinions to attack Kenyan government and when they’re called evil society they start protesting.

“The government receives a lot of information that is of a generalised nature and too vague to be acted upon. “Governments need specific information in order to step up pre-emptive actions,”

…so is this what they call sharing intelligence??

So the government should sit and wait to be given specific information. We make a lot of excuses for the government failings no wonder they are not ready to change.The government has failed so many times to use available resources to better our security.

Always remember you only matter when it comes to election because they need your vote after you’re on your own.

Invariably NO, my point is: security matters falls squarely on the government and am not trying to absolve any leader either voted, self imposed or chosen from the blame (there are no two ways about it). My point is: the so said diplomats play politics by claiming to have shared intelligence na hakuna evidence. Hii ni kutuenjoy by claiming to be the holier option. Thankyou.

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