Leo kuna fisi imenichekesha

So… i’m seated somewhere scrolling down my phone minding my own business and this guy asks if he can join me. I have a habit of not brushing off people so i told him it’s ok. We got to talk and i could tell from far he has a hidden dry fry agenda. Anyway, as i was about to leave he asks for my number. He takes out his phone and he had a picture of a lady as his screen saver. When he realized i saw it he was like “this is my sister”…trying to explain himself. I just smiled and said it’s ok. Which man puts a picture of their sister as a screen saver:D:D. Fisi jinga.


weka picha ya fisi jinga.

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sande sana…


Jinga kabisa…at sista yake…
Btw kaa hungeona hio mbisha ungekubali aku dwy fwy??;):smiley:


Good question…he wasn’t much of what I would go for but I wouldn’t have minded to have him as a friend.

would u mind sharing your digits with me ? want to be your friend.

a Friend + good friend x sweet friend(square) intimate friend = DF friend …simply ts all starts with being “jst a friend” so wacha kutubeba ufala …ulikuwa ushajipa;)

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Those few minutes of conversation and you’re ready to make him a friend basi huo si fisi jinga in an hour could have been dwyfwy;)

I pity guys who make such a poor first impression they immediately get friend-zoned…it’s just sad

For so many reasons,i don’t brush off people just like that. It takes maturity to know that.


Yeah! The dude’s screensaver should have been a picture of a Barclays’ ATM dispensing some cash.:cool: Works every time


so unakaa jobless corner? ama hapo ndiyo job :):)?

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Some ladies do make their own cash you know…:wink:

hata mimi nipewe number ya ids bana

the kind of man who asks for an other mans number with a hidden dry fry agenda

Just say you would not mind him to DFHKMBLNKN you, hehe having a girl as a friend for a man is like a luhya having a chicken as a pet…he will eat it eventually

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e.g…They might be a source of >>>>$$ …Kama huu msimu wa kiangazi

I know…but they wouldn’t mind get some more from a dude. Its all about the Benjamins honey.:cool: