Lenovo is the world’s largest manufacturer of PC computers including laptops, notebooks etc. It also ships more units than any other company.

I actually thought HP was on top.


So you attended that Lenovo conference today?

Same way people think Toyota is the most popular vehicle

Lenovo bought IBM pc department

Most popular vehicle in Africa and Asia

I worship lenovo since I bought my first ThinkPad in 2012.

You have made two discoveries in one day!

but only dell still makes real laptops. rest is junk. apple is good but their software experience sucks gorilla balls. lenovo is only the best of junk.

He mara si fan si hinges… Woke up one day after urefi mbio hadi seating room coz of the noise fan was producing…

Honda civic best selling in the world

I think vehicle popularity is very region specific as compared to laptop brands which have a more ‘global’ reach.

I thought the corola and the beetle are the one that did/do that battle

Which comp?

Nyinyi watu ikifika mambo na technology mna-behave kama slay queen. Kama hujawahi fungua laptop yako ujue wewe ni equivalent wa slayqueen amenunuliwa iphone 8 na kitu anatumianga pekee ni kupiga nudes, kuingia shosho media na kutumiwa kredit.

Ukinunua laptop you should already know the cooling system it employs. what type of heat sinks, the fans and the construction. Kama ni hinges you should know the construction and durability kabla ununue. Wacha kubehave kama slayqn

Ukiendea laptop iko na plastic construction what do you expect? Hinges kwa aluminium construction with a clever weight distribution will last you for decades.

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Dell builds laptops to last,they rarely have bloatware c kama izi vitu za China

Ati bloatware kwa windows? Kwani we pia ni slayquin??

:rolleyes::rolleyes: Manufacturers don’t sell you clean laptops with just the OS but include other softwares while installing Windows commonly known as Crapware or Bloatware and Lenovo is famous for such software used for spying and adverts

Who cares? It’s windows! just uninstall anything you don’t like. In windows you can uninstall just about anything including hardware drivers. Heck! You can even uninstall windows itself. You can also buy Lenovo laptops with just DOS. And then you can install windows yourself. You can change to even Linux if you want.

Kama hutaki the McAfee antivirus it comes with toa kabisa weka Kaspersky yako. If it comes with Microsoft office. Toa kabisa! Weka word perfect kaa ndio unataka kutumia. NO ONE WILL STOP YOU!

But kama kawa slayquin hawezi uninstall chochote! Kazi yake ni kupeleka laptop tao kuwekewa movies na that’s all.