Lenovo Z6 Pro

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Bei KSh46,000

wachana nayo. Kaa mbali sanna na Lenovo phones, that includes Motorolla

Thank you, Sir! Advice heeded!

watu wa infinix nikupitia tu

i listened to hii kijiji when buying my current phone na so far sina regrets

Why. I use Lenovo and so far so good

Lack of android updates. Decent phones have at least 2 major updates, eg if a phone was released with android version 6 then it should get version 7 and 8 on the minimum. Lenovo only gives 1

Hiyo ni non issue. These phones are great. I am using s5 pto and for features i got and price wacha tu nikae current Android sina shida

updates = New features, bug fixes and most important SECURITY PATCHES. You cannot dismiss those as a non-issue

I know right

I have not sern any issue with their devices for the last teo years i have been on Lenovo and a few friends i have introduced to them.

How many cameras are there altogether at the back ? Are there five of them ? Which one is better lenovo z6pro or xiaomi k20pro? I was not using this model, so would like to hear opinion and experiences from forum members

I have not used any Xiaomi but i am voting for Lenovo having usd s5 pro and it has impressed so far

please inform me on where I can purchase this

please inform me on where I can purchase this



Perhaps you could consider this one also. It is within your budget parameters.


Realme X2 Pro - Full phone specifications

Also, the Samsung galaxy A70 is such an unassuming powerhouse, and way cheaper, if you don’t mind saving a dime!