Lenovo G500 stuck on lenovo splash screen

hello tech gurus,maze i have landed into a serious trouble,i was watching a movie when all over suden,it stopped responding,i then shut it forcefully, when it boot it,it takes like 3 minutes then gives this blue screen,i have tried booting it multiple times,but it ends up with the same screen,now its not booting,its only stuck on lenovo splash screen and not going beyond that
any help please


Have you tried booting on safe mode? Does it do the same?

yea,even on safe mode,its the same thing,it doesnt go begond lenovo splash screen

boot into recovery using windows disk ikikataa utaformat

can you walk me over through how to do that?

looks like the blue screen of death just shined it’s eyes on your machine …if you can still access the bios diagnostics do a test on all your hardware first

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is it fixable?

can you access bios… ama inakwama tu once you turn it on

Your HDD might have fried. A bluescreen is an indication of a driver problem or a hardware problem. Take the HDD and RAM out and try booting. If it complains (beeps and flashing CAPS LOCK light) then motherboard might be fine. Put the RAM back in and boot. If it says no bootable device found etc. Problem could be your HDD.

maze i cant access bios,its just stuck on lenovo splash screen

i can access bios,its just stuck on lenovo splash screen

am a computer noob,dont knw much really,but i cn try… thnks for the suggestion

Lenovos have a special tiny button dedicated to booting into BIOS. That might help in case you can’t furiously press F12 while booting.

We all are. NP.

its not working,wooi,is my comp really dead?

all of a sudden?

yea,it just stopped responding and now its not booting,just stuck at the splash screen

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thts not helpful dude

neither was it meant to be, man, neither was it…