Length of Quoted texts

I think its better to limit the length of quoted text, a page full of guys replying to previous long replies looks chaotic, or even still have the quoted text to be a toggle where i can click to view it if interested.

ati nini?

Wewe moderator hauna adabu.

okay i think it depends na what device or browser a member anatumia. juu with some browsers limmiting ni shida. some members too pia hawafai kuquote lengthy post pia inadepend na individual.

watu wa opera mini tuko na shida

Watafute opera mega!

hehehehe pia depends na settings za some mobile browsers


This is what am talking about… if you think this is an improvement then you are truly lazy to implement something better. see below for what am thinking could be better .
[+] Quoted Text (Click to expand text or some icon of some sort)
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QUOTE=“ol monk, post: 81687, member: 107” NAH!!!

Will almost be like klist where you have to guess who’s quote is that.

Why should a quote be hidden?

and who’s lazy to scroll through the comments?/QUOTE

I guess you arent a dev or a systems usability person, anyway, for such things especially if you are the admin its only fair to get views from the users… and again i wont fail to remind you something, don’t be emotional and work on your esteem issues, stop referencing klist, you know klist was on its own league, again, its not about being lazy its about convenience otherwise we would still be drilling wood to get fire. … get the point?

@Supu don… kuna shida

hahahaha hun, i gave up on ol monk dissing klist long time…ebu mshow, he is an admin here coz of klist…hope you been well…

Been well hun, miss you so much!! will ping you in a while.

Tembea wazua ujionee, you will thank Ktalk for what it is.


miss you more…will be waiting…in the meantime, smile…

btw, wazua is soo disorganized, or maybe its me…

Wazua gives me a headache everytime I visit it. But I keep visiting for the valuable information

its fine the way it is, it automatically limits quotes to one post,na pia inkata if the quoted post is too long. Mimi hutumia opera mini kwa phone na its alright

i thought he left klist before it went under ama that was his doppelganger?


Fungua site yako uifanye vile unataka. We like it this way. Kama hutaki, kwenda huko--------------------->

so the story goes…hope u r well…