Lenaola Vs. Safaricom

While THREATENING to sue Dennis Itumbi, Justice Lenaola is asking Bob Collymore to explain how the phone logs got into the petitioner’s hands.

[SIZE=5]Justice Lenaola protests to Safaricom over call logs
[SIZE=4]For the record, let me declare right here that Justice Lenaola is a man of high standing who graduated top of all classes in an impressive academic career (second only to the inimitable Justice Jackton Ojwang, PhD. PhD.)[/SIZE]
I agree with him that the telephone logs of alleged conversations with James Orengo and Moses Wetang’ula at the height of the petition were private and should not be used to impute anything like professional misconduct on the good judge’s part.[/SIZE]


Kassin, iko taabu hapa. If I were the KAA MD, and you happen to come across a conversation I had with an international fake airplane parts hawker costing x100 times more than new, genuine parts that I could have bought for KQ, should such evidence be used to expose me?

My point is they were not discussing the health of their domestic animals but how to screw Wanjiku, figuratively. Admissibility in a court of law is a matter for more qualified folks but as long as they had ill-intent on matters public, then the info is pertinent.


There are certain fights not worth fighting but kama uko guilty and there is some truth, then basi this is damage control to scare the poor ‘mbrogger’ but this is not a mbrogger that scares easily.


Could be true or false. Lakini some of us take that backup. Test the backup, sometimes restore to some location, you cant see.

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Aliamua kujipaka matope


Waliongea ama hawakuongea? Tufunguliwe server tu confirm. They set the precedent


Nilisema hapa jana, in the mudfest judge ataumia. Lenaola kwani ako na phd to comoare him to ojwang. Yes he went to some kaschool huko Poro or thereabouts in the outskirts of maralal then alliance then uon. His private practice was lacklustre, chickening out of taking on the british army over unexploded ordinances that left some samburu people maimed, the elders pleaded with him but he refused. He only emerged at the ippg for the national image after he was recommended by minority rights ngos headed by akina korir sing’oei, yobo rutin etc.


Wafungue server tujue what’s what, the irony is the judge also demanded the iebc servers to be opened but didn’t ask the petitioner how he got private info… What’s good for the goose is good for the gander… RWNEBP


Their right to privacy is overridden by nation security concern and public policy.


Look who’s asking wafunguliwe server. Fungueni ya IEBC kwanza ama mfunguliwe boot

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Their right to privacy ends where the rights of 45 million Kenyans begin


Isn’t this conflict of interest, what was so important that the couldn’t wait until after the trial? He should have recused himself period!!
Nobody can convince me its okay for a judge to be engaging a petitioner privately while a case is on going


oh yeeeeeeh???



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You just lied to your Mungikidiots and to yourself. National security only comes in if and only when there’s a criminal implication. In this case, his activities do not constitute a crime that’s a threat to the national security.

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Are we rationalizing unethical/corrupt conduct now?

Uko kiambu

Mtu asiguze hon smoking wanjala he wasn’t ready to soil his profession in the expense of pleasing some Nondescripts.

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Unethical conduct is the responsibility of the JSC,not State Security organs.