Niko in an undisclosed location na this idiot is here with a rag tag militia in tow. After imbibing 3 balozis, mujamaa ameanza kubonga mbaya imebidi watu wachange bill zao zote.
WakuMbwa, hapa ni toj tuu… RWNEBP


That guy is a dangerous thug. Soon to be dealt with.



Who is?

Afande, part ya militia hukuelewa? RWNEBP

Hata yeye atapeleka petition? For a pretend alpha male, kushindwa na mwananmke must have dented hi high-pitched ego badly.

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The guy behind all clashes in Samburu, Laikipia and Turkana counties. He organizes raid to either white ranches, Turkana and other local communities land for cattle or pasture.


And he still roams free? How now?

Our courts, he has 5 pending cases in various courts and he is an immediate former opposition mp. He organized all samburu raids the last few years. His campaign slogan is “I gave you their pasture and cattle, now I expect your votes”


it is difficult to transfix these warlords because they arm their thugs in the name of community interests ie bunduki are for protecting community from hostile neighbouring communities so it becomes difficult for government agencies to get prosecutable infor. in the process the gun supplier becomes a community hero. heck!, there are even reports that CDF money has been used to buy guns!


He should be dealt with kabisaa, he is anticipating to be a warlord

Si ali organize waka shoot mzungu cia or mossad should have killed this chieth kitambo but usilete angle ya former opposition mp the guy is just plain evil


it was the wrong time juu his party was expecting the government to react in full force so as to antagonize the samburu voting block…

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What’s his end game? Is he gaining financially ama it’s just for shits and giggles?

his aim was to get reelected as laikipia north mp and also helping his party leader consolidate the samburu vote. you may note that the violence started a few days after the party leader toured the area and addressed the warlord’s “homecoming” rally after he was released from custody for assaulting current MP Sarah Korere at the Ministry of Interior HQs.

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Hehehehe talk ablut backfiring

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Like DP Uncle Ruto said when he toured Pokot at the peak of rustling that Elders have the power to end that crime once and forever. Cattle rustling is a criminal enterprise. The young men must seek their community elders nod to raid other communities. They take to them gifts I.e cash deposit to get favourable approval. Once they raid the cattle, a % is given to the sane elders. That’s the sadness of these situation. The young warriors usually do this to get funds for themselves or get cattle to pay bride price. Watch out for Oct to Dec period.

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Stupidity among old men, and those circumcised in their mothers huts!

Ati sasa if Moses Kuria insults people it is his party leader?

Of which men are you amongst???

Bure taka taka

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Dude left but his state of mind is messed up, thank God for the little things… Usiku sacco na ulevi sacco… Tupatane adhuhuri sacco… RWNEBP

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How far did you people go in defending your Muthamaki warmonger?

Closet tribalists all over