In the beginning of this year, i had a deal with a guy from china who buys used and new phones from US and EUROPE from locked carriers like AT&T then he unlocks, refurbishes and sells them. So I’d buy his handsets which were very cheap e.g I’d sell a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 for ksh. 50,000 at a 95% profit… So i obviously sold out, but these two clients(they work together) bought HTC BUTTERFLY S @KSH.28,000 … Their phones auto updated and now they are locked (unusable)… I’ve taken to all fundi’s lakini they are not fixable… The only way is to replace a chip called EEPROM… Now they(CLIENTS) want THEIR money back or they involve the cops… (am not refunding their money coz when they paid, the phones were working)… Should i go to the COPS and report them first before they do?

If you were making 95% profit why don’t you suggest to them you refund half the cost and see if it will settle the issue? There is something called a conscience, being fair and humane… Otherwise watch out for karma.


Did you sell them the phones with receipts etc?

No reciepts.

Thing is, i have spent cash trying to fix… (fundi anasema… Nunua xyz… Nunua ABC…) lakini bado.

wah…i don’t know how you can sort this problem out…ask @Deorro if flashing the rom and putting a custom rom would solve the problem and get them working again. I have always assumed that this would be a work around such kind of phones locked to US carriers.

Is there anything in the sale agreement that suggests you offer after-sales service? If not, then you have no legal obligation to them, IMO.

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Kama hakuna manufacturer warranty why bother? Unless if they can prove that the phones are not genuine.

guys still spend that kind of money bila getting a receipt???

Tell them to go eat sh_t. This is purely a civil litigation issue. unless kama ni counterfeit.

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Well from my understanding they may be genuine,not new but second hand …lipa hizo simu na usahau hiyo story …before this clients
get you in more trouble and ur dicovered you sell second hand feigning to be new

I buy dead phones

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hapa hakuna kesi…phones fully working when they bought them? did they understand the nature of your agreement…no warranty? na hata with warranty bila receipts hakuna kesi

wanaweza honga polisi and convince them that you are onto a major illegality.
so you might end up losing more money than the price of those phones…
pay them up in fully and move onto the next con victims.
you are just another cheap robber.
what would you do in their position?
think and act along those lines

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Why is your china guy not helping. Utajipata mashakani

The china guy has gone MIA… i didn’t issue reciepts to any of those clients… So ive been buying time, by telling them I’ll sort the phones out.

How long did the phones work?


If they did not come with warranty, then they have no case aganst you. You can however run to the police station and give them the same story. Police will summon them and tell them no to bother you coz they bought the phones knowing very well hazina warranty.

lipa hao watu ama ukule nyasi

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