Leftist rioters run away scared after meeting 2nd Amendment patriots protecting their turf



As much as the gun issues is a divisive one, here’s one good thing about arming civilians. These patriots would have been torched together with their families and property had they not been armed and ready to stand their ground!

Patriots=White men with guns.

Peace loving Americans.

Indeed. Nothing says “peace loving” like carrying an assault rifle.

She is brainwashed by her white masters


Peace is a very fragile state which must be preserved, because humanity’s default setting is anarchy.

You’re a disgusting human being and it’s a shame you are black person celebrating racist idiots who would not hesitate to shoot your stupid BLACK ass!!!

Peace should not be maintained if it also allows tensions and divisions between classes/races/tribes.
Guns and other weapons are a recipe for anarchy, not the peace you’re talking about.
So when violence explodes due to this fake peace, don’t lie to people that weapons like guns will bring peace.

:D:D those sissies with guns need antifa mojo

check the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man, by white gun-wielding civilians

“Amani haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga”

When are they going to shoot my black ass?! I’ve been here close to 20 years, but they’ve never shot me by the grace of God. That’s a lot of hesitating on their part, almost 20 years! I watched that video and saw peaceful men and women, Americans, exercising a lot of restraint. There were no gunshots ringing in the air, I mean what video are you watching?
These people were ready to protect their families and property against anarchists as per the US Constitution which gives them the right to bear arms. They were lawful. What I found hilarious was seeing the riotous chicken-heads fold up and leave when confronted with the possibility of live fire. They weren’t so brave anymore, were they? Scumbags.

The mental acrobatics you had to go through to come up with this piece, I just can’t.

You are earning great bucks in the medical field, you should be able to comprehend where I’m heading at…
What makes you exactly drive to the conclusion that guns are for “peace loving people”? I would really like to know your reasoning behind this.

there is nothing wrong with her stand on this whole issue.
if the same happens in Kenya, those who are well off will despise and mock those who are rioting and looting.
only those who have nothing to lose will see the need to fight, burn, loot, and everything.

What? Who was going to burn them?

Woman, I lack words…but may gods have mercy on your soul.

Her opinion is actually flawed because she assumes that weapons are meant for “peace loving people”. Both you and I know what people do with guns/weapons and it is certainly not for genuine peace.

I understand why The Gikuyus say a woman has no ageset or Clan, seems modern day woman has no race.