left to right

wadau,naulizaje,what are the repercussions of shifting a LHD to right?new gear box? steering ya right:D:D:D:D? a new dash offcourse,what happens next,pesa otas FYI!!,

Pole kijana

Gear box remains (unless it’s the kind mounted on the steering column) for autos the shift knob has to change, steering rack goes, brake lines and the location of the master cylinder (clutch master cylinder as well for manuals).

technically it’s like a bladi heart transplant? jalopy haitaleta ngori later iitishe a new kidney? unafanya hio kazi ama unadeal na kifikifi pekee?

sijakufa bado

My mentor can do it for you properly.

Shida ya LHD ni kwamba you’ve tu chungulia with the whole bonnet if you want to overtake and that’s risky on East African countries and any other that keep left rule.

hapo iko bien.

Assuming a RHD version exists for that model, at minimum you’ll need to replace the dashboard, steering rack, pedal assembly and firewall. In a modern car you also have to factor in the electrical components, sensors and airbags.

If you absolutely must do this then get somebody competent and be prepared to spend about the same as the cost of a new car.

Pray tell how the cost of this conversion here in 254 equals the cost of a new car…

that makes alot of sense

I might be exaggerating a little but even if we are talking about a humble Toyota, the entire cost will be in the hundreds of thousands.

the thing is, the car brand is available in RHD but importing it would cost the shiet out of me,however,if i get a LHD and import it as a ‘salvage for parts’ i will pay less duty[SIZE=1] nimeskia na wengi yet to confirm.[/SIZE][SIZE=4]Usually these jalopies are classed as write off after the airbag deploys hence my swooping in [/SIZE]

Uzuri wa LHD watu hawakusumbui na gari yako.

Importing a “car as salvage for parts”? I don’t think you cannot import a full chassis for parts, either half-cut, nose cut etc unless someone anichanue otherwise. And once a monocoque chassis is cut, hio gari ni ticking time bomb.

KRA na NTSA wamechanuka when it comes to collecting duty.

this is kenya my fren,you should know people who know people in sketchy places

Haha…I see…Then have them sort you import a RHD instead of going through these hoops

The car in question is an ol’school

Import into Ug, vuka border na hiyo yako, fanya kila kitu huko, rudi nayo ikiwa ‘mpya’.

I doubt you can import a complete LHD car even as salvage for parts. Labda ikiwa imekatwa into pieces.