Leclerc Takes Pole

Perhaps the excitement many have been muttering about will be there tomorrow in Vienna:

[SIZE=7][B]Leclerc determined to ‘finish the job’ after taking Austria pole[/B][/SIZE]

Kwenda Leta results za women world cup

Badilisha, Austria sio down under

Ahsande Omwami. I did it between tasks.

Kwani nyanyako anacheza? :smiley:

Ferrari tend to be really strong at this circuit they benefit alot from the long straights but i trust my guy lewis to get a podium after getting that penalty.

Sebastien ni kama amejilegeza msimu huu anafaa kujichunga sana kwa sababu akikaa vibaya leclerc atamuosha.

Lewis always finds some reserves, or pushes the leader into making an error.

Leclerc is not Vettel. Tomorrow’s race will be intense with Verstappen behind Lewis.

If Lewis manages to be on top 3 by turn1, count him a winner. Ferrari will always make a mistake