Lebanon citizens wameamua liwe liwalo

Lebanon’s which was one of the wealthiest countries in Middle East is undergoing a crisis:

  1. They have high corruption rates,
  2. They are suffering from their worst economic crisis,
  3. They are currently the third-highest indebted country in the world in terms of the ratio of debt-to-GDP, and notably, there is little hope the country will be able to repay its debts.
  4. 20% of companies have ceased or suspended their operations since the beginning of 2019.

Btw Lebanon had their version of handshake in 2019


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Jana niliona granny ferkker Macron akisomea leadership ya huko kama watoto

They were treading dangerously close to the precipice. This explosion was the nudge and here we are.

Hollywood stuff.

This now confirms the West was behind the explosion…explosion, Macron comments , protesters powerful takeover of government buildings seem synchronized

And israil

I hope one day we shall rise to do this as Kenyans

Why do you jareers provoke those who can beat your sorry asses to smithereens

Your people are infamous for kuficha akili kwa matako each and every election …then awakening after election as shameless as diarrhoea

All evidence points to negligence being the cause of the explosion. And is it impossible for citizens to get fed up with their government?

It was only a matter of time the citizens got fed up.
As in, electricity for only 2 hrs a day, no water, no internet, restrictions on bank withdrawals, then the currency loses 80% of its value and food prices more than double. Watu wanasemanga Jubilee government is a failure but hiyo government ya Lebanon ndio ina define what failure really means. Alafu ju ya incompetence mafertilizer zinalipukia kwa warehouse zinaua wasee na zinabomoa nyumba za 300k people. Wueh, hata mimi ningetokea protest banae.

But Hezbollah are terrorists they are not trained to be good financial managers. Same for PLO and Hamas. They are very corrupt.

I have heard the leader of Hamas admitting he received aid from Israel, Qatar and even Saudi but haikufika ground kwa raiya. Walikula yote.

Same for your country Somalia. The warlords know how to handle guns but they have zero knowledge on how to manage finances or rescucitate an economy.

Using an AK47 or firing an RPG is very easy but running an economy is a whole different ball game.

I mean why would you leave fertilizer like that for several years na unajua uko na adui pale???

That already speaks volumes about your organisational abilities.

It’s like sleeping with barrels of petrol in your house and yet you have small kids and on the other side a neighbour who wants to evict you.

The kid plays with a matchbox but you turn around and blame the neighbour for the ensuing explosion. But why store petrol in your house for 6 years in the first place???

Arafat’s wife and kids were enjoying a life of luxury in Paris while the man claimed Israel is harassing him.

I will roast whole pig today you are welcome

I agree with you about the kikuyu voters.

On this one you are correct,but don’t single out any particular tribe.
We all shove our brains into our orifices including yourself.

Shoga mwenzangu wacha za ovyo,unataka kusema ni wasapere pekee hu engage bonoko mindset time ya elections.
I used to like you lakini sasa uko nje

Is’nt your people who kept voting in kanu in their regions even when other kenyans were trying to remove the dirty regime?