Learning points from Tunisia's Terrorist Attacks

Was just watching BBC news and I must say I have been wonderfully surprised by the level of support and patriotism shown by Tunisians towards their government efforts to fight islamist fundamentalism which include closure of upto 80 mosques suspected of supporting terrorist activities.
In Kenya the it is the direct opposite where the mention of tackling mosques and sheikhs suspected of promoting radicalization is met by fanatical blind opposition by a majority of muslims and human rights activiststs.
https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOZ8dvMjewejeSv9UtkzJWFMKz1gQKobTeVcos3ofuyojYxNkk http://www.theoslotimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Tunisia1.jpg


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Kenya ni Kenya… Remember after garissa uni the senior guy in gov who said we know them and we will name them… Later akaenda chini ya maji

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That guy with a donkey voice. Huwa anabore sana. The other time he requested al-shaboons not to attack Eastleigh but focus on Machakos because many Somalis have businesses in Eastleigh.


umesahau the opposing party. mosques zikifungwa leo busy body is there tomorrow okoaing them.
If we used our heads during elections time hii u cartoon na corruption zingeisha but guys are assured of 5million votes each from their respective tribal alliances so no need to worry about being clean


The perceptions of world reactions, and consequently future reactions, are as a result of the media.

If the media pushes you to see how 20 of Kibera’s 2m youth cause chaos, and we then castigate all Kibera residents for having a living deity, who’s fault is it?


All the same it would go a long way if our muslim brothers organized rallies and demos against terrorist attacks, rogue sheikhs after their Friday prayers

And if a known terrorism sympathizer and inciter is eliminated, we all know who rushes to the coast in a kanzu to bury them.

Fuck the terrorists…these shits shld be dead already

asa replace dat kibera with muslims and ask whose fault is it?