learning new practises from different cultures

in order to eradicate the open tribalism here perhaps learning few things from any side may do us good.

Few practises
deep in greek land togetherness is a value emphasised on during happiness and sadness, different approaches
-village communitties which have their own facilities i.e generators,tents,chairs,sufurias,cups,plates which are to be used when any occassion occours or need for them arises

-a kitty for the sick
-a kitty to be used when there death
-no bornefires unless during maombolezis at night
-digging of graves must never be charged
etc etc

especially culinary skills. Mambo ya potluck tuachie the British. Also incorporating other types of food like omena(wears helmet) etc

my kikuyu family eats and enjoys omena…but only when they know i’ll not be there at least three days…

I was like that, but now I can’t get enough of it

If you went to schools with diversity, it becomes a plus, we studied with, Somalis,Asians and several tribes from Kenya. Not even one day did i ever look at someone in terms of tribe , we were all the same.
We used to tease the Asians a bit some times though. Not proud of it .

Not bad
wait until you start sharing resources (i mean jobs and financial well being) that when hate develops quickly.
Kila mtu na lake!