Learning a new foreign language

Can’t seem to make up my mind if to learn Chinese or French. Just to broaden my mind.

You are likely to bang more girls (especially from Western Africa) if you learn french…I don’t know if you fancy Chinese birds but you’ll have better chance if you learn French or Italiano and for Feck’s sake pick on the accent as well.


French for banging, Chinese for business


spanish for siesta


Lingala for music.

Porn for wanking

learn Chinese, French is too overrated!

À tout moment française .

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Learn Arabic. They won’t chop off your head.


damn woman! what a way to ruin a morning

I can redeem myself and still make your morning better if you give me a chance.

do it!

No it’s not. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in Africa.

It is exactly because of that it is overrated

French is one of the most elegant languages, but the pronunciation is most difficult for an English native speaker. The same with Spanish, Italian as they are Roman languages too. Vice versa French people have the same difficulties with English. Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un ici qui parle Français?

Oui je parle français…vous êtes surtout parler couramment la langue?

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Oui, je le parle comme anglais et allemand. En aôut on va partir pour la France et rentrer en octobre. Au Kenya je n’ai jamais rencontré quelqu’un qui en parlait. Comment se fait-il que vous parliez cette langue? Vous connaissez la France?

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hehe, il ya beaucoup de gens qui parlent français, mais pas très couramment. Je ne suis jamais allé dehors de l’Afrique, que vas-tu faire en France?

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Oh hot damn! You’re fit AND can speak French?



Nous irons passer nos vacances sur la côte bretonne comme chaque année.

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