My valve cover is leaking oil, problem is that I’ve looked for the valve cover gasket all over town but can’t find it. I put silicon plus the old gasket but after sometime it started leaking again. Question is, is there a specific silicon I can use to form a permanent gasket? The car is a demio dy3

This Demio will impregnate you…

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Yes Yes. Use the transparent silicon plus a double cover gasket 200mm dia and it works magic…from demio dy3 to merc B170. Trust me.

What’s a double cover gasket?

Don’t know why people think this demio has issues, 1 year down the line, no major issues, the car is on 170k. Kilometers mileage

Hehee used for steam pipes and for upgrades and I thought they might work for your demio to merc and a little sarcasm for people driving that kind of shit.

Apply that silicon effectively , get a roll of duct tape and go to town on that kidonda , get in for a test drive and keep going till u reach mbasa , then inbox me with the code words " Oya jomba " then give me 30 mins to show up with the honniez. Thank me then

Enda kirinyanga road place inaitwa shamba utaipata uko… avoid brokers at all costs ingia ndani shop ujiulizie.


Nadai iyo direction…natafuta air conditioner

Chief. Sillicon is not a gasket. That’s like trying to cure malaria by taking Panadol.

Go online and buy the gasket kit ya gari yako. Ship in by Posta. Goods will be hear in two weeks max.

Kama unajua ile pale wasee wanauzanga nguo za mtush teremuka na io barabara ni kama unaenda ngara … ukiteremuka kiasi utaona barabara on your right ingia na io barabara utapata shops za wale wasee huenda kuchinja magari japan.

Iyo xplanation noma vile sipendi downtown…si urushe google pin yake hapa ama inbosk iwe rahisi

Basi enda grogon watakuambilia shamba ni wapi… i can gurantee down is safe you are more likely to be mugged in moi avenue than down town.

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True, you can drop you phone there and still find it after an hour, mechs there have high trust and discipline,

Beba io aircon ukienda uko they will give you the exact thing… They will paint the replacement so that they can “easily identify it” just incase it doesn’t work and you return it…

I don’t advise you to use silicone. This is a temporary measure that will not last long. No matter how high-quality the silicone is, it will not fit correctly in any case and will soon start to leak. The only correct solution would be to find a new gasket. Try to find it through friends or order on the Internet. Don’t try your luck and do it right. I had a similar situation with my water system. The valves were leaking and every time I came up with a new way to extend their life. In the end, I got tired of it and I just decided to replace them. I replaced them with what seemed to me quality valves from https://anixusa.com/ . I advise you, too, to replace the gasket with a quality one so that it will serve you for a long time.