Leafy Surburbs

Kuna wale Kama scumpaka wameishi hii mitaa ya Nairobi Kama majengo, doni… All of eastlando actually, na paipu who don’t know the sweet aroma of fresh air every morning or when it rains you feel happier coz it will be more greener in days to come.

Hii ni yenyu. Safisha cornea
[ATTACH=full]242433[/ATTACH] Ridgeways Mall
Wasito lane. Lanes my friend.
Muthaiga Golf an country club.

Enjoy your day Talkers.

Mbona makanga husumbua watu hivi?

Hata makanga Ni binadamu ana familia na anasomemsha. So tuliza kende mujamaa

@Muhura Ndore yes I have lived in Eastlands (from Jeri to Nyayo and all other estates in between) Westlands(Kabete to UK) Hendred Road all the way to Kwa Wangare,I know my way around the Diaspora… If pictures taken from a matatu window denote leafy suburbs to you,I do pity you.
You do not know…I pray ufunguke akili kidogo tu.

PS: I do have some running engagements pale Kiambu Law Courts,so what you think is news is actually no news at all…

Chabuu rd.

amefunguka…at least unlike me he can use a smartphone…

Yes I got my first phone yesterday, na nimeshanoka juzi. Oh thank you great Oracle gachui for your wonderful prophecies.

So in your many years experience in nyairofi being successful = owning a jalopy? Na bado unakomboa nyumba?

I pity the dick measuring contests you engage with your peers.

You move the goal posts again? I thought it was about leafy suburbs? Now its about property ownership? And you already know that I engage in measuring contests…ever been a judge in those compes?
Do not try to go there… I reiterate,I pray ufunguke akili kidogo tu.

Back when we were born in Eastland each plot had two or three trees, umoja, donholm, komarock and kayole were not there, Nairobi was inside the outer ring road, we used to hunt dik-dik in those areas. Johnny come lately can’t relate with that.

Ridgeways Mall is the deadest of them all. Kwani you could not sit on the other side and see what happened to it?

Leafy suburbs from a car window…epitome of good leafing?

Nice turn of phrase there.

Scumpaga hapo umewezwa.eti jalopy:D is ur only possesion

Not really. If you check,when I admitted to living in ‘eastlands’ and other ‘undesirable’ areas,he concluded that I own a jalopy,that I do not own my own own a house and that I measure my seek against others…how now did that happen?

It’s a joke dumbass.hes trolling u na wewe Fala uko ready kupload pics za tupigsty twako:D

Oh,how stupid have I been… But thanks to you saviour @marine1 you have come to save me from my own shadiness.

Ndugeteithika we

My friend you too clever than me by half…