Lawyers kujeni

Is it true what Orengo is saying?
That if the elekshen is not held within 60 days uhunye ceases to be president meaning any other Kenyan apart from Uhuru, Kibaki and Moi can be a caretaker president? Mind you this include @Uwesmakei or mtu Wa SQNY…


a bonoko lawyer he is! inakaa pia yeye alisomewa katiba na TMT


interpretation of laws varies,na hio ni yake and i also have mine


Account hacked. Ulisoma katiba ama uliambiwa baba amesoma ?


Mwisi wa turedio, blatant ignorance from a mod casts a gargantuan, gloomy, ghastly shadow on the site.

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He is wrong on that one.

There will be elections, with or without NASA, Raila or Orengo.

They threatened to boycott and that failed. Today, their fixed SC ruling ordered a new election. If they disrupt those, they will be defying the entire Kenyan nation, which means that security measures can be deployed.

And anyway, who ever told JaKuon that he is the only alternative to Uhuru, when we have a speaker, AG, etc.? The unemployed come last.


UK was sworn in on 9th April 2013. His term expires when?

Munipee caretaker prezo muone mukienjoy


weka pole uone…

I know you will set aside Momo day.

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Ile pay bill no…inafanya mambo hapa


Njia ni mingi za kufanya uchaguzi my friend.
As it is it is evident that NASA conspired with rogue elements in the apex Court to subvert the will of the people. The president has still options by the way on the 60th day he can upon powers bestowed to him by the katiba declare the suspension of katiba,hand over to military and since the military is on his side,order it to conduct a general election for the return of civilian rule. You all know who will win. There will be no courts to run to or constitutional timelines

Itabidi baba aende uchaguzi roho safi am a akatae.

Tafakarini hayo


Sometimes nakaa kuwonder where are some people leading this country to?

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justin muturi ndo atakua president ka kuna vacancy ya presidency na pia kutakua na ya dp under article 146(1)(c) due to constitutional provisions

Now you know why ‘no election’ has replaced boycott.

Yaani, they know that they lack the numbers, so they frustrate the IEBC until it fails to conduct an election. As if by magic, Uhuru is set aside and JaKuon becomes king.

I cannot help thinking of Uncle Scar in ‘The Lion King’.

Kila fisi itapata a momo of his choice?

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Could it be that their strategy would be to frustrate an election complately and in the hypothetical situation that happens they will rush to the same Supreme Court to get an interpretation of the law sorounding the presidency around such a time which will conviniently favor Raila and eject Uhuru from statehouse through the back door. This would undoubtedly cause unprecedented chaos in the country.

At the end of all these drama I suspect a few people will seek political exile.

Hahahaha…ile legacy ul leave behind ni Kurape women around you ka iddi amin than raping public funds.