Lawyer eating life with a huge spoon

Now this one…Last I checked about 12 months ago dude had a small saloon car…about three weeks ago saw him in the 10m VX!! Sasa ni business daily… @FieldMarshal CouchP the hustle is real!!
For those thinking…'how do you know the nigga? Fucked him?" His office happened to be next to mine…that’s how!

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I havent known a really rich person who I can point to his possessions who wants to brag.


So, did you fuck him?


You must be a one naughty creature …:eek:

so did you dangle some Bukusu meat?

ilisoma jana 50 milli house OCHA. nikatamani kuchange career

Na hio nyumba ya 50 million? And at least 1500 acres?

Nimesoma hiyo story …Eish he aint even bragging:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

wish to have glance of the mansion…any mbisha

alionyesha Biko Zulu pekee

True, the rich don’t brag but where are they digging these millions…and why go to the media? Just eat your coins privately.


Hapa nimeclick. Wow is all what I can say. Hawa ndio wanaishi vile tutaishi huko binguni.


i think hapa sasa you are misquoting the guy. he did not go to Jackson Biko ama Biko Zulu as most know him. Been reading that column every week for as long as i can remember na i think its about him(Biko ) interviewing CEO’s and other achievers. he also once wrote how hard he struggles to arrange the interviews. the past month i think he has had Charles Njonjo, Barclays CEO (Awori i think) hao pia unataka kusema went to him to brag? Biko just asked questions and the lawyer was not shy to give a reply. stop hatting

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I could now that he’s “rich” unfortunately I don’t fuck outside my tribe…very stupid,I know but that’s just me!!


No! Never! I only fuck my tribesmen with big healthy dicks!

Amazingly in all those 4 pages there is nothing useful I’ve read. He maybe has a lot of money to afford a 50-million mansion but thats all. Nothing special about him, maybe that’s why he needs an interview to gain our attention.

Did you hear 12 months? How about 3 weeks? I know the guy…did you see Couchp? He’s hating but I call it hustling get the cash kula pole pole don’t compare him to a duke goddamnit!

kwani you bank his money? ama you are in-charge of all the cases he handles?

So when do we meet for the fcuk, I admire naughty gals just like you

You never know…