Lawrence Warunge confesses that he did not act alone

Trust a mentally ill man?

He showed them the evidence so let him now reveal who killed his family because it was not him, his hands are too weak to break 6moms hands and he can be easily overpowered. Plus the boy does not even have a scratch on him, who will agree to be killed without at least defending themselves? Let him say who exactly killed his family because much as he maybe an accomplice, any one can see that this boy can’t kill all this people alone especially the adults.

Police always know more. This case has national interest. If you don’t see them searching in a case like this, means the evidence doesn’t point to such. Remember evidence points to a premeditated murder. Hands can be weak but he is armed. Defensive wounds can only be present if there’s a struggle. And not always.

Which police? Kenyan police? Why have they never apprehended the killers of the other family members murdered before and attempted murder of neighboring bro? If the boy hadn’t confessed and carried his phone they would be none the wiser. They just want to be seen to be working let them solve previous murders then we can have faith in them

Kenyan Police are not easy to fool. If they really want to solve something, they do it very efficiently. Besides these crimes are fairly rudimentary. Not carefuly thought through.
As for the other family members, what I hear is that they ( some of the family members) were involved in crime. So no haste in solving anything.

First thing to look for is motive. Was any property or money stolen? Check bank statements etc. Then that they were stabbed numerously points to something along the lines of personal murder. So who in he family would want them to suffer to death. So you look for diputes. If they guy had accomplises he had to have paid them.

What if accomplices are relatives who hate the family? The nurse was not in talking terms with some of the brothers including neighbors.

Was the niece also involved in crime? If it’s OK to kill people for involvement in crime then it is OK for the boy to kill his family for isolating him.

But normal people dont just stab you just because they dont like you.

Do normal people kill you for robbing them or committing a crime?