Lawrence Waruinge

I suspect that the dad had been conned by his brothers while he was in the US and he sent hit men to kill his 2 brothers and one of his nieces. One survived but he was confined to a wheelchair after the attack. This was a revenge killing by the brother who survived and the families of the other slain brother and niece. Cops have given up on the 5assailants previously suspected and now say that the son acted alone but how when he did not even have defensive wounds? DCI needs to investigate further to avoid further retaliatory attacks among the surviving family members…

This makes sense. It’s interesting how the other incidences in the family are being swept under the carpet. It’s difficult to believe that the boy acted alone.

for a self-claimed crime aficionado chieth, you have a very poor eye for detail. His name is Warunge. WARUNGE not Waruinge.

True. He cannot have acted alone. Some family members must know something.

Dingoo why are you always bitter with me? Ama ni PMS inakusumbua?

Kenya police never solved previous murders and even this one they won’t.

The answers to this grisly murder lie within the family members and other villagers. This part of Kiambu is where everyone knows everyone’s ancestors and family secrets. The kind of places where you don’t even need to go Kiambu kwa Randi (land) to do a search on any land. If you catch my drift…so wawache uvivu and delve deep.
Like you said there are other family members now at risk.

That boy was the black sheep of the family and seems like someone must have taken advantage and poisoned him even more to turn against his own family .The feeling of being stigmatized by your own family is bad but seems also the guy was a spoilt brat with no appreciation at all for all that his parents did for him. Maybe the late mother alimdekeza sana to the extent he disrespected her by calling her a witch and when they decided he should man up he thought walikuwa wanamwonea.
Anyway the transition from boyhood into manhood is tough and may to lead to “depression” for the weak boys who lack the perseverance and endurance which is what manhood is meant to be solid as rock.

Solitary confinement ndio inafaa such young men let him face his own shadow which he has being fearing .

They have abandoned the ship and they are now only charging him and the girlfriend. Kenya police are too lazy

After recovering the murder evidence they won’t investigate any further

godayuuuuuum you are kidding me:mad:

They said there were 5 assailants but now they are only charging the boy and his gf who just bought knives and rented a room. Kenya police are so fake.

He confessed that he did it alone and even went ahead to show the police where he disposed the murder weapons saving the state both time and resources which could have been used for investigation.

I don’t believe he acted alone.

I am catching up with the story kwa mtandao…I think I may have to sit this one out until after the police take him back to the scene, is it tomorrow or today…not sure.

I can assure you that Kenya police won’t follow the other assassins. They say there were even foot prints now that story has gone up in smoke. Why would the dad who has a big body jump off the balcony instead of fighting the boy who is very skinny. Kenyan cops usually wind up investigating very fast especially when they get a confession.

I have read that he still shows no remorse. This was v pre-meditated. He should not even get the death sentence. He deserves Kamiti max for life.
Look at how he looks well…good clothes, healthy looking…

Reality hasn’t dawned on him yet.

Sasa wacha huyo. That foolish girl who believed in him…she is going down for no reason. Oh boy!