President Zuma signed a bill that seem to be the greatest step in history of trying to combat HIV. From now on every person who gets tested and found to be HIV positive would not just get counselling and medication. They would also get a mark in a form of a tattoo near their genital according to the bill singed by the president.
“The mark is to protect those who can’t say no to sex. I mean if you can’t read between the lines you should read between the legs because that’s where the status would be tatted. The choice to be HIV positive is now in your hands or your genitals for that matter….We also encourage those who had been living with the virus to go to the nearest public hospitals to get their status tatted in”. Said Jacob Zuma after signing the bill and drinking his ARV’s.
President Zuma volunteered to be the first South African citizen to get his status tatted near his genitals and he also announced that the first 10 million people(who already tested positive) to volunteer to have their HIV statuses tatted on their genitals would be given a R50 000 funeral expense voucher.[ATTACH=full]4462[/ATTACH]

Zuma is a clown and also a team mafisi member.

Is this shit real? Reads like a story from one of those satire websites that litter the internet.

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people will shy away from getting tested, and this will encourage spreading of the virus since people without the mark will assume they do not have the virus

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Sales za lightbulb za 100 watts zitapanda!

hakuna kumangana kwa giza

This story is a hoax, mharo sites zimekuwa mob

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Okiya ndio alikuja na hii story kutoka south africa,ebu tuulize kabuda?

To the guys who believed this did you also believe this onion news story

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Watu waache kukula malaya na mashoga ndio ukimwi ipungue.


SOURCE??! give your sources

Said Jacob Zuma after signing the bill and drinking his ARV’s.
Hehe hii ni ujinga


@[SIZE=4]Ebru[/SIZE], shed more light about this pic. what is the source??:confused: