Latest Shooting In The United Sodom Of America: MANY CASUALITIES, Dozens Critically Injured At FEDEX Indianapolis Facility, Gunman Dead

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Multiple people were shot at a Fedex facility in Indianapolis late Thursday, and the suspected gunman killed himself, police said.
When police arrived, officers observed an active shooting scene at the facility, Indianapolis police spokesperson Genae Cook told reporters early Friday.
Cook confirmed multiple people were shot but did not give a specific number. She added that the gunman had died and the public is not believed to be in immediate danger.


Fedex released a statement early Friday saying it is cooperating with authorities and working to get more information.
“We are aware of the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility near the Indianapolis airport. Safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected,” the statement said.
Live video from news outlets at the scene showed crime scene tape in the parking lot outside the facility.
A witness who said he works at the facility told WISH-TV that he saw a man with a gun after hearing several gunshots.
“I saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort, an automatic rifle, and he was firing in the open,” Jeremiah Miller said.
Another man told WTTV that his niece was sitting in her car in the driver’s seat when the gunfire erupted, and she was wounded.
“She got shot on her left arm,” said Parminder Singh. “She’s fine, she’s in the hospital now.”
He said his niece did not know the shooter.
Family members gathered at a local hotel to await word on loved ones. Some said employees aren’t allowed to have their phones with them while working shifts at the facility, making it difficult to contact them, WTHR-TV reported.
Police were expected to give another update, but the exact time of a news conference wasn’t immediately available.

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