Latest results Museveni 67%, Bobi Wine 22%

Congrats M7 on your re-election.

This was expectedi

Is that the closest a challenger has come to M7? Electorate can hope for 2028

That’s a very convenient number. 67:22 is equal to 3:1.


This guy should just accept the fact that the only time he might really have a chance to be president is when MU7 is no longer alive.

Ivi ndio Arap Madiaba atalilia kwa choo come 2022…akina spear,sahani na kiprop,hope you guys are taking notes!

niko nyuma ya museveni, mulikuwa wapi akipigania uhuru wa uganda na ak47,

50 years ago bana.

Ugandans are also stupid . hata M7 angewachia an illiterate musician nchi , how can Bobbi wine lead a country OTHER THAN PLUNDERING IT . mtu ni pombe na bhangi na kupigana na Chamelone kwa bar. compare it to the kenya of 92 and 2002 serious leaders Matiba, Muliro si THEM MUSHROOMS ama ule boyz wa wimbo ya STELLA. watafute a credible leader in the next ten years ndio kiongozi M7 ampatie kiti kwa amani. hata mimi siwezi achia a joker nchi tulipigania kupata Uhuru.

Next ni Kenya, wangapiga watalia venye ugandans some are now crying, anyway elections across the globe is extremely useless

Jana nimekaa ,na sio uchokozi, i pictured bobby wine anabonga na merkel ama tilambu hivi,what could he possibly bring to the table in regards to deficits,africa trade agreements,unemployment,hivTerrorism, conflict resolution, border closures immigration,climate change, increasing water scarcity, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, low resilience to natural disasters, potential non achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), energy crisis, food crisis, limited benefits from globalization,health,education…Sio kwa ubaya but…:D:D:D:D

@uwesmake,kwani pia wewe umeona hio jamaa ni kalulu.:D:D:D:D

Ata ouru anakunywa pombe na bhangi,

That’s why u have advisers. George Bush n even Biden aren’t the smartest tools but wanapewa heshima. Waafrika tuko na some idealized view on who a leader should be n that’s part of the reason we get conmen. Kidero,his suits n revered education turned out to be on the same level to the chokosh sonko.

very nicely put omwami huwezi achia chokoraa nchi jamani

ni kama ile umbwa eti MP jaguar alafu ikaAnza kutusi waTZ :smiley: ni kama mtu ako na kisonono ya akili banae

In 2023 they will all be in one govt, in one political outfit.

Mark this.

These Ugandan presidential elections are just a waste of resources, time and energy…the outcome is predetermined and therefore it serves no purpose.

Museveni aache PR mingi na aseme tu he is serving a life term awache kupotezea candidates kama Bobi time na pesa za campaign…

There is no significant political achievement that mister wine can lay claim to. installing him as the leader of a volatile and previously ungovernable country is just incredibly stupid. Kenya doesnt need four unstable neighbours and a broken uganda is something our about to collapse economy cannot take.