Buy groceries from street hawkers especially the cheap coloured peppers and the hawker even gives you a bag free, next thing you feel dizzy and some men are closely following you. A lady had this experience in downtown and what saved her was quick action to dump the bag and enter a hotel and drink milk before she blacked out, she noticed some 2 suspicious men who still followed her after she left the hotel. Thieves are becoming more desperate and more innovative . Heard this at the office and was like kumedhoka.

Hata mimi i heard this pale mogoka base, nikajua kangeta kameshiiiika!!!

Okay why would you eat your groceries on the road though?

You dont need to eat them its the touching them or smelling them, not sure which but kidogo uko dizzy and if you dont wash hands and drink milk …

@luther, which is this drug and hiw do we overcome its side effects.

Please re-read this again!!

So now on top of worrying about getting mugged in the CBD we also need to carry with us packets of milk?
Which brand of milk are you promoting since it can’t be Brookside knowing you to be a member of the resist infamy?

Boychild uki sense umekula pishori ,weka glucose ama maziwa karibu and thank me later.

Mr right maziwa husaidia ukilishwa rice.

wakora wamekuwa weruvu

Nugu it canbe your husband @bingwaacha ujuaji

Holy smokes…??
GTFOH am not gay!

So what is preventing the seller from accidentally drugging themselves considering they are around the groceries all day? Somehow this stories ni hekaya za Abunuwasi

:D:D:D what tha…


Hii ni propaganda, hao wamama wanauza kwa street huwa wanakimbizwa na city council kila wakati, ungesema watu wa smokie na mayai tungeconsider

bahahahahaha eti Brookside don’t remind me when these guys were literally buying this milk just to pour it eti #resist:D:D:D:D

Ukiwa town just act real mean and don’t buy shit from nobody

Hio muguka haikuwa imepepetwa vizuri