Later on today [ FRIDAY 20th Sept ] Dont miss a J&J inc Produkshizzle~ "Masaibu ya Makonika"... THE TRUTH

As expected the j&j inc investigation unit had to dig deep to know the truth about Makonika’s suspension and beef with the authorities.

On this episode we the j&j inc will not ficha anything. We will expose the moderator who is behind Makonika’s suspension. The J&J inc crew had a one on one with the kipara Makonika himself and my oh my he told us alot.

Don’t miss this relevation later on this Friday evening. I can only say grab yr self a beer or a coffee if u may wish. Or some popcorns coz it’s gonna be smoking hooooot.

As u well know J&J inc hawananga aibu or uoga. We bring u the nyama to the table plus kachumbari and sembeste. Join us today 7pm Kenyan time.

Many including that Patricia will be exposed.

Catch u later fox. Till then folks.

This program has bn sponsored by wakanyama & sons pig sty. The only nyama choma base where uchokosh is welcomed.

Don’t miss

Fanya upesi…

In before “this thread is closed” battalion.


Hehe… tuned

Alafu @Electronics4u can you please explain some few fundamental things to @administrator?

Banning an IP address is shooting yourself in the foot! As niggaboons first, and Kenyans second, we share IP adresses for many reasons.

  1. We steal WiFi from neighbours.
  2. We log on to ktalk from work and a whole lot of talkers are co-workers, some don’t even know they’re co-talkers and co-workers.
  3. There are families where multiple talkers exist and either know of each others’ identity or not.
  4. You don’t need 4 reasons.

Michael Joseph was a foreigner but he took the time to learn about our “peculiar habits” and used that to grow safaricom. You might think that blocking an IP is “pulling a hot one” over a user, but all you’ve done is reduce your own user base by more than just that one person you were targeting.

:smiley: nimengoja na maji ya tap mkononi

Tamu kama sungura

Long live JJ productions… Digii kihiiii

Nime ngoja nikimimunya chips za sonford

Still waiting invain

Sad thing is that sukuma will pop up in the narrative…

Chips kauka na maji ya tap hapa sanford nikingoja…, But waiit. Nitangoja 12 hrs midget BS ??

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Noma ni admin is locking all threads discussing hii masaibu ya our resident legend @Makonika , someone tell that sob to fucking seat at the sidelines awache kutunyongea hewa. brareshenji!

Different angle, What if @Makonika was banned to generate traffic?

he is too daft to be enjoined in such a scheme


I’m looking for the falling trousers part. Where is it?

Jay&Jeremy inc taking over from meria meffi news network all the way