Lately people having coming out...

…and boldly showing the world what they are. Some appreciate but many have criticized and hated on them after coming out. This coming out to me is a show of boldness and shows people must accept them as they are.

It is not easy and that is I too want too come out and I know most of you my friends, relatives, the few guys who look up to me; especially guys I’ve natured in art, the guys am honored to call my fans… most of you will be shocked by what am about to say but I have no choice.

So ladies and gentlemen it’s without shame today I Ebru want you to know am coming out of bed at 6:00 pm. I know it’s irresponsible and so shameful that I slept the whole day but I just felt lazy but I will never do it again. And I wave this flag as a sign of peace.


Are you saying you are a faggot? Top or bottom?:eek:

Hehe…for once I thought @Wakanyama and @Njamba Huthu have recruited you:confused:


broker wacha madharau dogo dogo mimi ni commander wa antifaggots brigade,



Just come out of the closet bru, no need of changing the script midway. Now we know and we shall treat you as such.