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homosexual umbwa ghassia takataka jinga

Niaje mzito umepotea sana[ATTACH=full]163373[/ATTACH]

Hehehe, hua unashinda the whole day ukifikilia hii upus na ikifika 9pm unapost, shaitaaaaan!

How you come up with this junk is beyond my comprehension:D:D:D i’m still dying laughing from the sex with burning tyres which btw i’ve insinuated during fornication with dismal results.Keep 'em coming

jinga ! , kundu la nyati

Waah!! Umezidi.



[li]:D:D:D:D Saitan[/li][/ol]

Depends on what I ate.



Wueh msee uko tu sawa

Clone,wanted to say the same but now that you beat me to it let me second.:D:)

Sindio? Some :meffi: can make a masterpiece.


Am glad the smell can’t ‘appear’ in the photo.