Late nyt poll

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There was a site circa 2005 that was dedicated to uploaded photos from allover the world with just that.

Have also watched a movie where a guy did that but can’t recall which one it was at the moment.

He he he!
At times, one gets the feeling that you’re running out of material… but you always bounce back!

mahali iko mikia huwezi kosa,you have a queer fascination for mikia

:D:D:D:D:D:D. Saitan!

Hahaha. @cortedivoire imeweza

[INDENT]Hehehe:D:D:D:D this guy…smh [/INDENT]

You guy

This is the first time ever since you started this demonic polls that I have voted yes.

My phat ass would break the copier


I would do it, just for fun though :p:rolleyes:

Demonic?? :D:D:D

I would highly appreciate even if it be will just a passing glance


Why not just photograph it?

Eka poll yako I photograph it for you…

Straight from the ndeffo!

Weka picha ya your fat ass hapa tufanye Risk assessment.

Ndio kuamka naona? Wacha sisi watu wa 3rd World Countries tulale tutaamka tupake rangi mkimaliza kujenga