As @The.Black.Templar asked girls schools don’t have vitukos.actually the modes are the ones who harass the my last year if high school the head girl called a meeting for cops.I was the DH cop so I went.The meeting was about an impending strike that I did not know about.I tried to talk them into a boycott of classes instead but wakalenga .a shout of AMKENI! Is what roused me from sleep at kidu 3am .with dread I got off the bed and dressed up.there was someone who was directing people on which directtion to walk.being from karats at the time I followed the others who includes those from nai.I don’t know where or what happened to the watchie but we walked out without was such a long walk to karats.we all arrived safely…lakini ingekua Leo I dread to think of what would have happened to this group of girls walking at 3am in the morning.TOO LONG!part 2 on the way

Tunaomba optical nourishment. Story za highschool wachia @uncle nyam

Uhm…you can do better than this…was it captains who were striking or other students? What was the reason? Karats ni wapi bana!?

Kwani we ni mode was composition:D:D of course it was the students lakini captains ndio walipanga karata_KARATINA.nitaandika reason kwa part 2:D:D

Kwani ulisomea Karatina Commercial Girls Sec

Hio ni gani tena niklikua T.T huko mbogoine kwa akina machangi

Wooi!bibi na yeye atado?

Tumtum as you used to twang na sa hio shule iko mashambani kama nduma

Which school did you go to? When a was in form 2 , Kangubiri girls ‘striked’ some of them were raped , apparently by boys from a neighbouring school, there were rumours that the girls raped the watchie


o_Olucky bastard:D:D

Kangubiri came to mind too heard watchie alipewa slices cha lazima had he passed on

Noo!I was in TUMU TUMU

Wewe!ni shule gani poa haiko nahukooooo ndani?

At least your school had beuriful ngaos unlike BG walikua mathanwa na kizungu mingi. Luckily I employ some of them

BG girls ate yani, most of them were momos

Yeye ni physical nutrition. But unaweza nibadilishia menu pia. Asante.

Waiting for part 2

Atî atîa?

From my personal maps, i never knew karatina is habitable…actually i thought central imefika kagumo then yazunguka to meru all the way to mandera.