My mum is a very tough woman.she got me in high school. It was hard on her being one of the first ladies from her village to go to a national school.I do not understand to date why she snaps whenever she sees me.
I did not have anywhere to go so I waited until it was time for her to come home.I went and sat at the back of the house where I knew no one would see was such a cold evening and I did not wear a around 9pm I heard her tell my brother to go out and look for me.I got out of my hiding when I heard my brother opening the door.two weeks later my mum took me back to school.she did not eve attempt to say anything in my defense.with all those suspended we spent two weeks tilling the school banana plantation at mbogoine.I spent a very depressed rest of the one noticed what I was going through. Studying was an issue and I almost failed my finals.I did not have anyone at that time who could help me snap out of the depression. It took me another 15years to get over this…

Sorry @WANJIKU .

I am glad you can finally talk about it.

Are you ok now?

I am okay.I learnt to deal with my devils.I am a better parent for it.maybe overprotective towards those I love

Entitlement right there.

Sorry I am not of that era of entitlement I work for what I one owes me anything I owe it all to me.but as a parent I have learnt a few things about how to deal with some issues and to be really there for my children in all situations.but again you are welcome to your opinion

Wow! Your hekaya is really well written. Keep this up you will be a village sponsor in no time.

At which point did you start having sex with the watchie? Kîdû two weeks after the event?

What part of my hekaya indicates that I was nyanduaring the watchie?remember I was in my teens then so mjulubeng lazima ingekua timam si ya mzee amemaliza milage