Last night on A109

Dereva ukickoka park gari kando ulale.
Bus car driver saved lives
truck overtaking carelessly dree kaingia msituni,
ukipigiwa mataa usiku inabidi.


Why are teucks still moving at night?

uliza NTSA

Coz when should they move?

When they can see.

And the told you they can’t see at night?!

When they can be seen.

we have night vision, shida ni kutojua when to rest coz of tight dead lines,
from Eld to Msa one night, alafu upakie urudi
Mundu umwe tu

And nowadays the trend is driver only with no turn boy.
Hii ni hujuma kwa truckers.

why are cars still moving at night? Dere ukichoka pullover at a safe place… zima simu… set alarm lala

You “rules n regulations” oriented Kenyans are what is wrong with this country , live your life and let others live theirs , wacha za ovyo

my fren kuna dead lines to be met, lakini drivers hawajipendi
mimi hua nasema ukichoka park kando chukua mutheu ulale

Why aren’t there designated rest stops along the highway?

Ati you rest Kwa kuchukua Mutheu mlale ? :D:D:D
Waking up next day bila grease ya magoti .Kazi haiishi it’s the nature of work that changes.